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Noir du'Soleil ~Into The Sky~

Hi everyone!!

Let me start by saying - this isn't really deathrock. Though certainly deathrock and trad-goth inspired. I try to keep my music out of one genre as much as possible. Some stuff might be too EBM for your tastes. Other stuff might be too experimental. Some of it may be your thing though =)

On with the post:

I am pleased to announce that my first album, ~Into The Sky~, is available to order!!

Each CD comes in a beautiful handmade fabric package, designed by myself and Janelle from Red Stripe Clothing~~

The cost is $20 AUD plus postage.
This first edition is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies!
Please send a message to if you are interested in purchasing a copy. =(^__^)=

Click here to veiw a copy of the creative commons licence for this album


1. Prelude of the Sun ~Rising~
2. Nightmare
3. Dreams Through Fire
4. And Into Clouds
5. Close Moi Augen
6. C[to]D
7. Obstacle One - Conversation
8. le Blue et la Pluie
9. Sinking ~Falling~
10. The Very Last Time
11. Nothing (Instrumental version)

You can stream all the songs for free here

PS. There is now less than 10 copies left!!!

For more info on Noir du'Soleil (plus some free downloadable songs and remixes) please head here: Noir du'Soleil at Myspace
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