noirdusoleil (noirdusoleil) wrote in deathrock_oz,

Noir du'Soleil official website launched!!

Hello everyone!!!

I'm very pleased to announce that our official website is finally up... XD

Here you will find our free MP3s, song lyrics (I know a few people asked for that one!), and more. You can also subscibe to our mailing list, and our blog/news rss feed.

There is also a promotional area for DJs which contains exlusive free MP3 files, info about song BPM, etc. You will need a username and password to get in here. If you are a DJ and want access to this area please contact us through info [at] noirdusoleil [dot] com. Be sure to include info about what clubs/radio shows you DJ for.

I hope you will enjoy the website!!

Koe. xoxo
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