Kat. (lillim) wrote in deathrock_oz,

Anorexic Dead
Gerard McCarthy- Cry Little Sister
Red Zebra- I cant live in a living room
March Violets- Walk into the sun
Rudimentary Peni- Farce
The Church- Reptile
Cemetary Girlz- Death has tasted blood
Big Electric Cat- Orchid dream
Xmal Deutschland- Sickle moon
Ministry- I'm falling

1919- Dream
Dancing Did- Badger Boys
Daemon preacher- little miss perfect
quidam- retratos
ausgang-hots for christ
SAC- quick gas gang
Meteors- little red riding hood
Red lorry yellow lorry- talk about the weather
Siouxsie- head cut
Young werewolves- black jack and roulette
Bone orchard- fat terminal
penis flytrap- cemetary girl

Birthday Party- Deep in the woods
Chriustian Death- Face
Vocies of masada- alive
Gene loves jezebel- always a flame
La pesta Negra- es la peste negra
Theatre of Hate- The Hop
F451- Flowers melt away
Corpus deliciti- obsessions
Alien Sex fiend- Hurrican Fighter Plane
Nosferatu- Graveyard Shift

LAM- revenge
Vendemmian- sin
Christian Death- Spiritual Cramp
Suspiria- Alledgedly
Rosetta Stone- Eye for the main chance
Siouxsie- spellbound
Skeletal family- the wind blows
Uranium 235- you spin me right round
Gene loves jezebel- screaming
Christian death- spectre
Clan of xymox- louise

Anorexic dead vs. DarkElvis
Sisters of mercy- Dominion
Sisters of mercy- marian
69 eyes- Brandon Lee
69 eyes- lost boys
Fields of the nephilim- Volcane
Sexbeat- Sex beat
The Cure - 10.15 saturday night
Tragic Black- Aparicion
Birthday Party- Junkyard
Nosferatu- Abominations
Rosetta Stone- Adrenaline
Rosetta Stone- I cant Forgive
Bauhaus- In the Flat Field
March Violets- Religious as Hell

Caterwaul v. Kasdeja
Killing Joke- Love like Blood
Virgin Prunes- Baby turns blue
The damned- grimly fiendish
Siouxsie- Cities in dust
Sisters of mercy- Alice
Shriekback- nemesis
Chameleons- in shreds
The cult- she sells sactuary
Siouxsie- happy house
March violets- snake dance
Sunshine blind- i ran
Specimen- stand up stand out
Murder at the registry- pump
Skeletal family- promised land
Joy Division- she lost control
LAM- where good girls go to die
Echo and the bunnymen- killing moon
Merry thoughts- pale empress
Sopor aeternus- this profane finality
Corpus delicti- sarabands
Emmas conquest- confide in me
69 eyes- betty blue

The night was a resounding success, and we'll definitely be doing it again!
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